Exciting African Times


Since signing with my new team this proverb has stuck in my mind.

I am really excited to be part of a new team that will be travelling afar as Asia and Africa.  I may only be part of the team that heads to Asia but really excited to have the opportunity to race that style of racing.

I’m looking forward to hanging with my team mates and our Kenyan members to see a different cultural aspect and the racing style adopted in different countries. As well as  hopefully pass on the knowledge of our style.

The new African Continental team Kenyan Riders Downunder (KRD) is the amalgamation of Kenyan Riders and Pro Team Downunder. The 2016 team consists of 6 Kenyans, 4 Australians, & 3 New Zealander riders.

KRD have carefully selected talented, up-and-coming and motivated riders who all want an opportunity to prove themselves against the best in the world. “We have provided a race schedule which will ultimately develop and challenge the team throughout 2016 by providing a range of international racing opportunities focusing on UCI tours in Oceania, Asia and North America. “ Stewart Crowley, Team Manager.


Tuesday morning I flew back into Melbourne and was lucky enough to meet four of my Kenyan teammates as well as Nick one of the men behind the ‘vision’ of KRD. My first impression was how polite they are and their willingness to help.


No rest for the wicked though with the Cadel Road Race on Sunday and with 9 world tour teams taking the start line, excited is an understatement.

From there its straight into Herald Sun tour which starts on Wednesday night. Sun Tour is the one I’m really looking forward to starting in. Hearing stories from some of the guys I train with, its a tour I really want to do.  This year with 3 world tour teams doing it its a chance for us to shine on a world stage.  Put our ‘noses out front’.


Keep an eye out for our team kit courtesy of Ventou Custom Cycling Wear

Thanks everyone for the continued support and I look forward to seeing you all out there on the road!


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