Hub Tour 2016

Just wanted to have a bit of racing in my legs before NZ Cycle Classic so the Hub Tour was the perfect opportunity being on the way to the Wairarapa.

I was happy with the Time Trial and knew I was going well so to end up second was awesome. Regan Gough, who finished first, pulled out and I was awarded Yellow. I didn’t wear it in Stage 1 as I didn’t think I had earned it but I defended well in the stage anyway.


In yellow for the team.

Stage 2 was another story.  Made a few tactical errors and got a little frustrated with NZ racing which had me chasing most of the breaks when I really wanted to hold back a little.   I could have been a little smarter about it but at the time I made decisions on what was in front of me.  I really wanted to chase with others as people headed up the road but they were happy to let me do the work so when big hits went up the road later in the stage I had nothing left.  When I realised they had made the decisive break I decided to let it go and come back at them on the final day.   Lost 2 minutes.


Stage 2 in Yellow.  Photo Credit: Ramblers Cycling Club

Day 3 and stage 3 I just waited in the pack and decided to let Fraser do work while Andy was up the road.   On the 3rd lap Fraser, Callum and I went up to leaders. Callum then went for the points, I attacked with him and we ended up riding away together.  With 10km to go we had 2 minutes but at the line we only had 1min15 which wasn’t enough on the day.  I was really there for the stage as Callum was ahead on GC and I managed to get the win on the day.


Taking the win stage 3.  Photo Credt: Bob’s Bikes, Hamilton

Really wanted it to be a small hit out but got a bit excited at times.  Also now very happy to know my legs are back!  This was my first stage win of my career and first time in Yellow, I would say it was a pretty good week for me.


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