Road to Redemption


Hi Team!

Only a couple weeks until I head back to China in search of some redemption. I’ve been there 2 times so far this year and haven’t finished a race. Next up is the Tour of China 1&2 both UCI events. Then it’s back to Melbourne to get ready for the Tour of Southland and the Tour of Rwanda. I’ve got some big goals for the back half of this year but mainly I just want to race!


In case you missed it here is my crash at Qinghai Lake and a quick video of me trying to do push ups along with some crowd funding for the team.








Cadel Evans Road Race – KRD


Late Spring In Doreen

After my first full season in the NRS I headed back home to the Tour of Southland, (with Barry Stewart Builders)ubt over my head. At the end of 2014 I was parting ways with CharterMason, and at that stage I was still in talks with different teams. Uncertainty Crept in but I was enjoying the fact that I was back in NZ to take part in one of the best tours going on the calendar.


One of my new teammates Darcy enjoying the ride 3rd wheel. Me taking the wind for Michael Torckler to hold onto 4th on GC, the least I could do after he threw everything at the yellow jersey.

Southland was awesome but I left there feeling disappointed in the outcome as I would have preferred a better TT result.
A three week break incurred which was good and bad. It was time to reset and rest which was needed. The down side is I had too much time on my hands! When you are used to riding all the time it’s a shock during your rest period.


After a disappointing 5th into Te Anau, I only managed 7th in the ITT this time.


With most people starting to enjoy the summer weather, spring was just beginning for me. After being in talks with a few teams I decided on Team Subaru Albion.
An experienced Director, the chance of International UCI racing, an awesome team culture, and a roster that I feel I can help develop into a emerging force in not only the NRS but also internationally, were attributes I was searching for.


A Trek Emonda SLR.


This brought on the excitement and motivation. The excitement of riding one of the lightest production bikes around, with a custom paint job! The motivation of chasing the results needed to not only gain personal results but help my new teammates chase theirs and pronounce the Subaru Albion NRS Development Team on a international stage!

I’m looking forward to pulling this on for the UCI NZ Cycle Classic. My first tour for 2015 and the first with my new team. Then hopefully it will be on to Oceania Champs.

3 Months in & Going Strong!

So it’s been three months since I made the big move to Melbourne although I haven’t been in Melbourne much at all. I spent a week in Perth for Tour de Perth then flew down to Adelaide for the next tour. The month back in Melbourne was spent couch surfing at team mates houses with my partner in crime Lana.

There was no rest for the wicked with SKCC crit champs the Sunday after I got back, the Tour of Southwest the next weekend, then a double up with a Saturday handicap then a CV (Cycling Victoria) race on the Sunday. Followed with a day down at Phillip Island the weekend before heading off to the Battle of the Border.
I was due for a rest but that would have to wait as I got a late call up to do Toowoomba and flew back up to the Gold Coast the very next day.

Taking second in Stage 4 Tour of Toowoomba

Mixed in between all the racing and the couch jumping was the house and job hunting, even a new coach. We managed to secure a brand new townhouse in Doreen. On the northern outskirts of the city it’s awesome for training. A few Km’s to warm up then there are two 7km climbs to chose from. That’s just the ones I know about, with a few maps from my old mate Warren Docker (father of Mitch Docker, GreenEdge) I’m told there’s plenty more.

For me the jumping from house to house was more like fun. Staying with the guys and their families provided something different each time. However with out these people, things would have been near impossible. So thank you Andrew Cooper, Shannon Johnson, Nicholas Katsonis, and their families.
The biggest thank you though goes to Warren and Karen Docker! For the lovely dinners at their home accompanied by the league. It was good to watch even though the teams I go for around there lose. An awesome respite from the ping pong they call footy over here.

I’m now in the middle of my rest before building into the tail end of the season. With plenty of racing still ahead I’m hoping to turn some heads, with my personal results and helping my teammates.

Thank you to everyone back home for all the messages and likes. It’s cool having so many people following you. I believe it makes me more motivated, they feeling of winning is something of its own but sharing it with the people behind you adds to the fun.

Individual TT

Following are a few personal results / highlights.

GC 38th
Stage 3 ITT 14th

GC 88th

GC 9th
Stage 2 ITT 7th

Battle on the Border
GC 47th
Stage 3 ITT 8th

GC 38th
Stage 4 RR 2nd

Short sheet success 1 out of 6.

Thanks to all my personal supporters and my team sponsors for making it easier to chase down my goals.

Cheers Morgz

Charter Mason Giant Racing Team Launch 2014

This is my new team for 2014.  Charter Mason Giant Racing!

Check out the hitters!

Our goal is to assist the development of elite cyclists and the sport of cycling in Australia and in particular young riders on their way to cycling stardom. This video features some of our 13 rider strong 2014 roster and we are proud of each and every one of them.

CharterMason Giant Racing powered by Brennan IT is today making two major announcements; a name change to from CharterMason Drapac to CharterMason Giant Racing powered by Brennan IT and secondly to announce the team’s 2014 team roster.
Team Principal Leigh Parsons: “After what has been a terrific 2013 for the team – both on and off the bike – we can’t wait for the 2014 season to get underway. Our new name reflects several things; Giant coming on board in a big way and a new partnership with Brennan IT. As part of this increased support we have also have expanded our roster for 2014.

In 2014, CharterMason will continue its relationship with Drapac Professional Cycling, while adding more experienced and highly credentialed riders to the roster. As a result the “development” part of the team’s name will be dropped. Our partnership with Drapac Professional Cycling will further develop in 2014, providing significant brand presence for Drapac in domestic cycling as well as providing the pathway from grass roots to professional ranks for our riders.

Leigh Parsons: “While the term ‘development’ is no longer in our name, the spirit and the drive to develop young riders continues. Of our 13 riders in 2014, nine are under 23 years of age. I cannot tell you how many applications we have had over the last few months, but his much is clear to me; CharterMason Giant Racing is where young riders want to be. We take that responsibility very seriously. Our master’s team not only create terrific brand presence in that market segment, but are part of a very deliberate and planned mentoring program for our young riders to not only develop them as athletes, but as well rounded people as well.”
In 2014, CharterMason Giant Racing powered by Brennan IT will have a total roster of 13 team riders. This list will be augmented on occasion with guest riders; with particular focus on recruiting from the huge depth of talent contained in the team’s official cycling club the St Kilda Cycling Club.

CharterMason Giant Racing 2014 Team Roster:
Rider- Age- 2013 team.
1. Scott Ambrose- 18- VCC Morteau Montbenoit (France)
2. Matthew Clark- 22- CharterMason Drapac Development team
3. Sam Crome- 19- CharterMason Drapac Development team
4. Daniel Fitter- 17- Queensland Academy of Sport
5. Raphael Freienstein- 22- Team Heizomat (Germany)
6. Shannon Johnson- 33- CharterMason Drapac Development team
7. Nicholas Katsonis- 19- CharterMason Drapac Development team
8. Jake Magee – 25- GPM Wilson Racing
9. Conor Murtagh- 20- CharterMason Drapac Development team
10. Rhys Pollock- 33- Drapac Professional Cycling
11. Jacob Restall- 18- Pro Team DownUnder
12. Morgan Smith- Avanti Plus (New Zealand)
13. Joshua Taylor- 22- GPM Wilson Racing
CharterMason Giant Racing powered by Brennan IT would also like to thank our generous and passionate supporter and sponsors: Olsson Fire and Risk, Champion Systems, Brighton Skoda, Reynolds racing wheels, Lazer helmets, Northwave shoes, San Marco saddles, Scicon bike bags, BBB eyewear, Morgan Blue, Hydralyte Sports, St.Kilda Cycling Club, 2XU, Simplesime, Signtorque CyclingInform, media services and 13 Management.